The place has a intrinsic charm and tranquility, away from chaos of modern civilization which provides togetherness of like-minded citizens. In addition the place provides basic health care, healthy food and a very peaceful environment


COME! Let us join hands together to make our elders happy.

This is a unique business venturekeeping in mind the insecurities and problems being faced by retired people whose children are NRI’s

They can always give financial help to their aged parents but cannot offer them security. This was the major reason of starting such an establishment.” Many Indians have settled abroad. They provide their parents with sufficient money for a comfortable living but cannot give them the care, protection and love they want. For such parents, 2nd Innings Home can be a perfect place to spend and enjoy their old age

Future in franchising

With more and more Indians being settled in the foreign nations, there is a growing need for protection and security of their old parents staying alone. The aged become easy targets for criminals. Therefore, there is a dire need of protection for such people. In such a scenario, the concept of old age home is gaining popularity in the Indian franchise arena as they have taken the franchise route for future expansion. Prospective entrepreneurs can see large untapped potential in it and are sure to reap numerous benefits from it.

Prerequisites for franchisees

The Trust plans to have a pan India presence soon by the franchise route.

“If an aspiring philanthropist comes who owns a large piece of land or building, we help him to set up a old age home with the specific requirements and infrastructure.

Therefore starting a home for aged is not a difficult task if the entrepreneurs have capital or land & building.

One of the most challenging task is to change the mind set of the people .

Aspiring entrepreneurs must gear up to tap the opportunity of the new concept.


1 People who have land or building (minimum requirement) .10 people – 2000 sq. ft – built area, 7 – 10 cents land.

2 People who own a land should be prepared to build a Home according to specification.

3 They should be able to run that home independently where in we will be able to support them by giving them the guidance.

4 Necessary labour.

5 Hospital tie up,(If necessary we will help them).

6 Registration (our registration can be utilized) since we have approved registration from Kerala Govt. & IT Departement.