Happy Home Eco Retreat Center


Happy Home Eco-Retreat Centre is our newest project with thepurpose to serve elders as well as nature. It issituated in Kerala,a tranquil green-zone free from pollution and bustle of the city. Spread over 4000 sq.ft , Happy Home caters to accommodation of all classes and also equipped with indoor and outdoor activities with the objective of enabling elders to exercise positive living.


This is no sad place

Happy Home Eco Retreat Centre aims to keep things vibrant and happy. This is imbibed from the design of the home to the landscaping outside. With bright colors, cosy décor and subtle sophistication equipped with safety aids to make every inmate’s life comfortable and most importantly cheerful. With expert guidance, materials, colors and textures incorporated is intended to keep the ambience lively and filled with positive energy to be able to cope with depression and anxiety.

Every day is a fresh start

The residents can fulfill their dreams to do things they forgot to do because they were too busy taking care of their families. Yes they can start checking off the list . Read favourite book from the library, do gardening on a bright sunny day,watch favourite movies ,take evening strolls or do some yoga, knit some sweaters or in the end of the day ,even video-chat with your grandchildren . We ensure to provide all facilities .

why eco-friendly

Sustenance is key to living. Our efforts to reduce carbon footprint and use clean energy resources. Starting from reclaimed & reduced usage of wood, alternative plastering solutions , toxic free paints and organic farming.


Happy Home Eco-retreat Centre offers affordable single, double and shared bed rooms with attached bath and toilets and with tailor-made facilities to suit every inmate’s request. Dietary plans and regular check-ups are available . With special requests , we also construct villas on advance booking. On site facilities include Common kitchen& catering, 24 x 7 room & staff service, on-site doctor ,nurse & medical services
Happy Home eco-retreat center is a self-sustaining old age home with all facilities catering to elders from all ways of life offering them subsidized cost of accommodation which is affordable for them.This is not just another old age home , this is just the start to a wonderful way of living. The way it should just be .


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